Cinter Metal Clay Powders for Artists Cinter Metal Clay Powders for Artists

Metal clay! I love pottery. I love metal. So is it any wonder that the first time I got to play with metal clay, I thought it was absolute magic? Not at all. But the next step, where I turned all mad scientist in my basement studio/laboratory and created my own brand – Cinter Metal […]

FYeah Jewelry FYeah Jewelry

Disclaimer: this page contains profanity. Unedited profanity. No more f–k or f*ck. The words are spelled out. Turn away if you must. The Story of how FYeah Jewelry was Born What can I say? I was having a day.  To amuse myself, I made a pendant with a naughty word on it. I showed it […]

Three Natures Three Natures

Artisan Jewelry Artisan Jewelry is the name of the game. Let’s see. The name Three Natures came to me on the way to the airport, on the way to our honeymoon. That was five years ago. It was part of a dream that I don’t remember, which is a shame. I felt certain that Three […]


What I'm into these days.

snarky anniversary gifts

I’m not always snarky – but when I am, I go all in. To be honest, sometimes I hesitate to tell people about what I make. I never want to offend anyone. I prefer to fly under the radar with my snark and cussing. One of my favorite things to make is best categorized as […]

Bye, gogoshebogo. Hi, Three Natures

Bye, gogoshebogo. Hi, Three Natures

I’m officially changing the name of my gogoshebogo Etsy shop to Three Natures, or as it appears in the marketplace, ThreeNatures Etsy: This change is long overdue! Indigo, the inspiration for gogoshebogo, died in 2015. I had not considered all the implications of naming a business after her. She was simply someone I loved, and […]



I was lucky this morning. Shortly after 8 am, I strapped my dusty green paddleboard to my dirty blue car and made the short drive down to the harbor. I scored a prime parking spot right next to the beach. Somehow, months had passed since my last paddle. Even though I adore being on the […]


Etsy Customer Feedback

  • Artichoke necklace

    Artichoke Necklace Customer Review

    Absolutely love this necklace! Very well made and matches everything. – pnmueller on Jan 16, 2018

    Item description from Three Natures on Etsy

    Even Artichokes Have Hearts – Copper Necklace Inspired by the Movie Amelie

    You’ll never be a vegetable – even artichokes have hearts! Amelie Poulain’s retort to the mean grocer is on the back of this artisan copper artichoke pendant.

    Adjustable, green leather cord. Handmade copper pendant in your choice of round or oval (oval shows the artichoke’s stem – otherwise they are the same).

    My current leather is as pictured in the first three images – it is a fresh vegetal green with some natural color variations.

    I also have one round artichoke pendant with the quote on the back in French – please put a comment in the notes at checkout if you’d like the French version. Merci d’avance!

    - Artichoke necklace
  • Love It Copper Metal Clay


    - Love It Copper Metal Clay
  • Bronze Metal Clay PMC

    Fast shipping and nice packaging. The product was very nice. Commercial brands of PMC are often very gritty, but this homemade mix was smooth and easy to work with. I also liked that it was a dry mix so I could prepare enough clay for a piece of jewelry and didn’t have to worry about storage of wet clay. – Miss Molly

    - Bronze Metal Clay PMC

About Cindy Berg

Thank you for visiting my website. First off, I have a confession to make. I have this  hangup about branding. I’m a person, Cindy Berg, not a brand. But I create a lot of different things, so I’ve given those things different labels and brands to help them succeed in the world. How to bring these things together on one website actually confounds me. My creations express different aspects of me, but they do not define me, and they do not add up to a recognizable “brand.”  Alright, now that you understand the dilemma here, I have three Etsy shops where my creations are for sale:

ThreeNatures – jewelry inspired by yoga and nature, symbols and signs, all the beautiful things

FYeahJewelry – gifts and jewelry for the awesome AF – really. If you don’t like profanity, skip this one!

CinterMetalClay – metal clay powders for jewelry artists, and occasional de-stash deals on other art supplies

Nature, naturally

I love the intricacy of nature. The closer you look, the more astounding it is. Trees and their bark provide endless entertainment for me. There’s very little that I claim to understand, but I still try to write about what I learn on my blog from time to time.

After years of working in a cubicle and spending most of my days creating digital work that could be wiped out with just a keystroke, I realized I love working with my hands and creating beauty in the physical realm. Metal clay, my primary medium, combines the earthy playfulness of clay with the solidity of metal.

Overall, I consider myself a mixed-media artist. I love words and find lots of inspiration in poetry that is too beautiful for me to comprehend. As an adult, I’ve taken classes and workshops on different jewelry-making techniques, but my formal art education ended with a drawing class in college. I got so bored with the instructor droning on and on about his political views while we completed our quarter-long assignment to draw our classroom that I drew oozing black rivers flowing down the walls. I tried to make them as dark as my mood. He told me they were too dark, and I stopped listening to authority figures.

Hmm, maybe that last part is really …

my artist statement.

I’m a rebel, but a quiet one.

Once I started adding profanity to jewelry (FYeahJewelry, to be specific), my quiet cover was kind of blown, although you still won’t hear me screaming. I’m more the whispering type.

What else? I’m from the Pacific Northwest but now consider Southern California my home. I love ashtanga yoga, paddleboarding, sunsets, my husband, and yes, tree bark, in no particular order. Ugh, that sounds like a dating profile, other than I didn’t mention sushi. And I did include my sweet husband. And tree bark.

Tree Bark!

Anything else you’d like to know about me, just ask! Or read my blog.