Three Natures

Multitudes of my creations, divided into three Etsy shops: Gogoshebogo Cinter Metal Clay FYeah Jewelry

Three Natures, infinite possibilities

Cinter Metal Clay :: tamas :: inertia, dullness

FYeah Jewelry :: rajas :: energy, change

Gogoshebogo :: sattva :: balance, harmony

Cinter Metal Clay Powders for Jewelry Artists

Metal clay! I love pottery. I love metal. So is it any wonder that the first time I got to play with metal clay, I thought it was absolute magic? Not at all. But the next step, where I turned all mad scientist in my basement studio/laboratory and created my own brand – Cinter Metal […]

FYeah Jewelry

What can I say? I was having a day.  To amuse myself, I made a pendant with a naughty word on it. I showed it to a friend, who laughed. I laughed. Then later than evening, my friend called. I think she had just gotten home from work. “I WANT A BRACELET! And I want […]


Gogoshebogo is pronounced just like it looks – go go she bo go!  I couldn’t find a real word that summed up the wide range of things I enjoyed making without boxing me in, so I made one up. I didn’t know at the time that my focus would become nature and yoga-inspired jewelry, but […]

Cindy's Blog

Writing for the sake of writing.


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I was lucky this morning. Shortly after 8 I am, I strapped my dusty green paddleboard to my dirty blue car and made the short drive down to the harbor. I scored a prime parking spot right next to the beach. Somehow, months had passed since my last paddle. Even though I adore being on […]


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“Multi-tasking – the art of messing up several things at once.” I’m doing it right now – listening to music, worrying about my elderly dog, checking Facebook, cleaning off my desk, typing this… It’s an epidemic. I wrote a little story about how I found an up-side to it for DimeStories yesterday. Multi-tasking by Cindy Berg It […]

shake shake shake

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shake shake shake

I scare easily. Just yesterday, I was frightened by a trio of bunnies hopping out of some bushes and a slice of red pepper that threatened to fall out of my fajita. Obviously I’m a bit too skittish for my own good, so a couple of weeks ago I read a piece at a story-telling event. Each […]


Customer Feedback

  • Love It Copper Metal Clay


    - Love It Copper Metal Clay
  • Bronze Metal Clay PMC

    Fast shipping and nice packaging. The product was very nice. Commercial brands of PMC are often very gritty, but this homemade mix was smooth and easy to work with. I also liked that it was a dry mix so I could prepare enough clay for a piece of jewelry and didn’t have to worry about storage of wet clay. – Miss Molly

    - Bronze Metal Clay PMC
  • Praise for Gogoshebogo

    Cindy is AMAZING. I can’t recommend her highly enough! Her customer service, speed of shipping, and item quality were like nothing I’ve seen anywhere online. If everyone on Etsy were as great as she is, Etsy would be as big as Amazon.

    - Praise for Gogoshebogo

Three Natures, where I create personalized jewelry and explore the universal themes of body, mind, and spirit. The things we make, the thoughts we think, and how that makes us feel… I make clay, and use that clay to make personalized handwriting jewelry, among other things.

In terms of the physical, I have three Etsy shops:  Gogoshebogo, FYeah Jewelry and Cinter Metal Clay.

Thanks for visiting – Cindy Berg