Cinter Metal Clay

Cinter Metal Clay is my own brand of metal clay powders. It is a micro-business in every sense of the word. Like many “inventions” it was born of necessity. I loved metal clay from the moment I first touched it. It became clear pretty darn quickly that if I were to have any hope of not going completely broke due to my clay addiction, I needed a bulk buying option.

cinter metal clay with eco-friendly packaging
Good things come in small, eco-friendly packages.

Mad Scientist Creator

Given the economic necessity and my personality as a fanatic do-it-my-own-damn-selfer, I invested some time, trial and error into coming up with my metal clay formula. Cinter Metal Clay (available on Etsy) is simply powdered metal (copper or a blend of copper and tin to make bronze), and a nontoxic binder. Since I’m just one person, with the goal of making myself happy, I did not pursue manufacturing. I just went mad scientist and a little Julia Child to make something that worked for me, and that others might enjoy, too. That means you add your own water, my fellow DIYer, to make usable clay.

Why metal clay? Why not just use metal?

I made a page to answer that very question.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

Sustainability is important to me. That’s why I package my clay in biodegradable plastic bags – it is just that much less plastic. Every act of creation involves some destruction. I think we as artists have a responsibility to balance those two forces the best we can.

Firing Cinter Metal Clay

First off: a kiln is required! A torch will not work.

The name of Cinter Metal Clay is punny. I won’t claim that it is actually funny, to anyone other than me! Like most puns, it will probably make you groan. Metal clay sinters together in the kiln. My name is Cindy. Cinter. Get it?

Firing instructions for Cinter Metal Clay are here on my website. For awhile, I taught classes on how to use it. But a move meant I no longer had the space to offer classes. For anyone interested in metal clay, I think taking a class is the best option. There are so many details that are difficult to convey in words or even photos, but make instant sense when experienced directly.

Cinter Metal Clay Reviews

Etsy does *not* make it easy to get reviews and other info out of their system. But here are a few pertinent quotes:

Fast shipping and nice packaging. The product was very nice. Commercial brands of PMC are often very gritty, but this homemade mix was smooth and easy to work with. I also liked that it was a dry mix so I could prepare enough clay for a piece of jewelry and didn’t have to worry about storage of wet clay.


Perhaps the best proof I loved how this worked for me? I already placed another order! Will definitely use this for all my bronze & copper projects henceforth!

How to get started

If you are unable to take a class, don’t let that stop you! Just be aware that you will need to invest some of your own time, trial and effort to make metal clay, whether it is Cinter Metal Clay or another brand (there are dozens, now!). Go easy on yourself. As long as you are willing to troubleshoot and learn as you go, metal clay is a very rewarding medium. Enjoy the process and have fun! Feel free to email me with questions.