Handmade Jewelry

I’m as surprised as anyone that handmade jewelry is what I do for a living, but the truth is, I’ve always loved making tiny things. In pottery class as a kid, I spent hours making a set of teacups. Each one was the size of my thumbnail.

Metal clay is a perfect material for such tiny creations. Since 2012, I’ve specialized in kiln firing copper, bronze and silver metal clay into one-of-a-kind pieces. Metal clay is unique in that you can impress textures and words into without all the power tools and large equipment traditional metalsmiths employ.

Yet – I love metal in all forms. Recently, we reconfigured my studio to make room for a new toy: an oxy/propane torch. I’ve taken a break from creating (so very much) jewelry to focus more on writing. It feels good to step back and ponder designs. I tend to get swept up in fulfilling orders, almost going on auto-pilot. It is exciting to ponder some new methods and materials. All this is to say, new jewelry designs are on the way.

Jewelry made custom for you

My designs are available to purchase through Etsy. I love making custom pieces, so please feel free to reach out if you’d like something not pictured in my three Etsy shops:

sterling silver earrings handmade jewelry by Three Natures with monarch butterfly

Three Natures features symbols, gemstones, crystals and more. I love making earrings, but symbolic pendants are my most popular items.

FYeah Jewelry keychain in copper Best F-ing Aunt

FYeah Jewelry is home to fun key chains and jewelry gifts that celebrate my favorite four-letter word. Turns out, everyone has their own special way of expressing themselves. I love turning their creative phrases into handmade jewelry and accessories! And I love that metal clay has a natural quirkiness that shows my pieces are always #trulyfuckinghandmade.

jewelry making supplies cinter metal clay powder on etsy by three natures

Cinter Metal Clay sells my copper and bronze metal clay powders and related supplies to other artists. Maya Angelou’s words are so true – you really can’t use up creativity.