Bronze Anniversary Gifts

Bronze is the traditional anniversary gift for eighth and nineteenth wedding anniversaries, at least here in the US. It was a Bob-Ross level happy accident that I made a Happy Fucking Anniversary keychain for my FYeahJewelry Etsy shop six years ago. Bronze anniversary gifts are no longer hard to find, thanks to Google and Amazon and all the other unseen forces of technology have rocked our worlds.

bronze anniversary gift keychain from fyeahjewelry on etsy

Traditional bronze with a twist: Happy Fucking Anniversary

There are millions of results if you search online for bronze anniversary gifts. Trust me, I just tried. That’s why shopping on Etsy is nice – it narrows it down to a mere 43,000 or so. It is rather amazing to see all the unique and not-so-unique bronze and not-quite bronze gifts available. At the risk of sounding like an absolute fucking nutcase, here are a few pointers for sorting through your options:

Tips for buying Bronze Anniversary Gifts on Etsy

  1. Make sure it is actually bronze. Bronze is an alloy of copper and tin. I know this because I mix my own metal clay powders (and you have Wikipedia should you doubt me). There is a similar alloy that is made of copper and zinc called brass. Brass is yellower than bronze and has some distinct metallurgical properties that likely don’t matter to the average gift buyer. But technically, bronze and brass are two different things. Cities are filled with bronze statues, not brass. If I was going through all the trouble of searching down gifts made of specific materials every damn year, I’d want to get the right thing. Beware of yellow sheet metal items claiming to be bronze. They’re likely brass. You probably do not care at all. I still had to tell you.
  2. Or be happy that it just looks like bronze. There are some really sweet ceramic items with glazes that look like bronze. If it is just the look of bronze you’re after, ignore tip #1 and branch out! Rules are made to be fucking broken!
  3. Don’t ignore your spouse’s personality. I’m not pointing any fingers, but it looks to me like maybe some people buy gifts as a hint, and not based on the giftee’s genuine likes and dislikes? I hope I’m wrong! (But you know I’m right.)

Now that you know – go forth and buy!

For your shopping pleasure, here is a link to Bronze Anniversary gifts on Etsy. I don’t know how Etsy chooses which items to label as “bestsellers.” Some look more like winners than others, but that’s the nature of subjective opinion. My items won’t reach bestseller status (other than in my own shop) because my niche market is quite narrow – which is just how I like it. I only get requests from the coolest customers – like the woman who had a very particular request for her nineteenth wedding anniversary. I loved it so much I added it to my shop.

holy fuck we're still married bronze keychain in clay form before kiln firing
Holy Fuck! We’re Still Married! Bronze Keychain – this is what metal clay looks like before it goes it the kiln. It looks just like clay, but pure metal emerges from the fire!