Enneagram Jewelry

enneagram jewelry, silver pendant necklace

The Enneagram is a symbol of transformation. That is why I wanted to make Enneagram jewelry – not to pin anyone into a category, but to help illuminate the choices we have. The first step in any journey is to know where you are. You have to know yourself. The Enneagram has helped me know myself better, and I hope it is doing the same for others.

Enneagram Symbol Pendant

silver enneagram pendant

The symbol, like most, is quite simple. The Enneagram is simply a nine-pointed star in a circle. The specific layout is not quite symmetrical in the classic Enneagram, although there are those who draw it as three equilateral triangles within the circle. I am more fond of the “original” symbol, with its gap at the bottom.

The Drawback of Labels and Tags for Enneagram Jewelry

As a lark, I tagged a few of my items in my FYeahJewelry Etsy shop as Enneagram 1, Enneagram 2, etc. I had to fight the compulsion to explain that of course it isn’t only one type that each message applies to…actually, I didn’t win that fight. On almost all of the listings, I did put in a disclaimer. As much as I love the Enneagram, I hate to see it used to label or limit people. The interwebs aren’t interested in fairness; tags are meant to limit!

Yes, the Enneagram divides people by type…but it is just a symbol. We all have bodies, minds and hearts. We all benefit from using all three types of intelligence.

There is No Destination

Yes, the symbol helps show where we are and what direction to take. That doesn’t mean we “get there,” or that it will ever be “done.” As long as we’re alive, there are more choices to make, more awareness to create. That is why I find the Enneagram symbol to be reassuring: it shows the process, not a result. Enneagram jewelry would be very misleading and inappropriate if it implied otherwise!

Enneagram Jewelry beyond the symbol

I am enough. Three words that can have a variety of interpretations. I wrote a blog about nine possible ways of feeling I am enough, but the truth is, I don’t know what other people feel. I can only be curious. If you have a better way of explaining your Enneagram Type’s experience, please share!