Artisan Jewelry

Artisan Jewelry is the name of the game.

Let’s see. The name Three Natures came to me on the way to the airport, on the way to our honeymoon. That was five years ago.

It was part of a dream that I don’t remember, which is a shame. I felt certain that Three Natures was the right name, and grabbed the domain as soon as we arrived home. But the reasoning as to why Three Natures… was in body, mind and spirit? Land, sea and air? Earth, wind and fire? I didn’t know, really. I tried to awkwardly cram my three Etsy shops into the framework of the three gunas of Ayurveda. It was a half-baked idea and I didn’t flesh it out. But now…now I want to.

What’s in a name?

The concept of Three Natures has become my life philosophy in a way. In our divided – really, so crazily divided – world, I want the third option. I don’t see black and white but so many shades of gray. Not 50. No. And if we are talking about people, I see skin color. But I see it as just one of a million different attributes we all have. Beautiful, beautiful variety. So I guess Three Natures is the middle path. The antidote to fundamentalism, for me.

Yes, I love nature and beauty and sacred symbols. I also love to curse. It isn’t a matter of balance. It is just that there is room for both. There is room for yes, no and maybe, for rational thought and intuitive knowing. There isn’t just one fork in the path that will take you to the road less traveled, or not. Every little step creates its own set of choices.

Right now, I’m working on updating Three Natures. I have new tools and so many design ideas. But today, I’m sitting with my foot on ice because the cuboid bone slipped out of  place. The ocean cobbled me. Or I cobbled myself in Janu Sirsasana C. Most likely, it was BOTH. Ha. The third option.  So until I actually create all the things I want to create, that will hopefully make it clear what Three Natures is all about, I’m going to leave the text I had explaining the reasoning behind my first business name, Gogoshebogo Design. Because things aren’t quick, or clean. But that’s ok. Everything is just as it should be, anyway.


Gogoshebogo is pronounced just like it looks – go go she bo go!  I couldn’t find a real word that summed up the wide range of things I enjoyed making without boxing me in, so I made one up. I didn’t know at the time that my focus would become nature and yoga-inspired jewelry, but since my definition of gogoshebogo is simply happy, I feel like it still fits. Plus it is fun to say!

The inspiration came from my dog, Indigo. Sadly, Indigo died of lymphoma in 2015, but I did get eleven amazing years with my girl. Gogo was especially happy when it was time to go for a walk. As soon as she saw the leash, she’d jump in circles. And that girl could jump! That’s the kind of enthusiasm I want to channel. Plus, I didn’t have to be or some nonsense. Gogoshebogo is one of a kind. And while that is not the most efficient way to sell jewelry, especially online, it remains my favorite: one of a kind (in Etsy-speak, OOAK) pieces that have a particular meaning. While I love making simply for the sake of creating, it is so much more meaningful to know where a piece is heading when I create it. Custom orders truly are my favorite.

gogoshebogo my black dog

gogoshebogo, my happy dog


The content of my Three Natures Etsy shop has morphed along with my interests. I’ve explored many different jewelry making techniques: everything from seed beads (never again!) to resin to metal-smithing. Today it primarily features my yoga jewelry and nature inspired jewelry designs. I love being able to create “natural” textures like seashells, leaves and bark in my metal clay jewelry, or to transfer my drawings and writings onto clay. I also love the natural beauty of gemstones and enjoy working with all types of metal.

I’ve moved my metal clay powders into their own shop. And the F-bombs – the F-bombs live at FYeahJewelry!