baby egret

baby egret

I was just out on my paddleboard in the back bay area of Newport. A shallow waterway where boats aren’t allowed and birds rule. The one that¬†captivated me was a slender white bird – egret in shape but so much smaller. A baby, likely. It is possible it is an entirely different species, but I’m going with baby egret.

Little baby egret took the most delicate little hopping test flights imaginable. She looked more like Peter Pan being hoisted by guy wires than a bird. Perhaps a ballerina is a better comparison, but she didn’t have even than level of muscle. With her chest lifted and insanely long wings fluttering, she’d hop up just barely into the air. When she landed, her black feet appeared to¬†walk on the water before magically being lifted once more.

So different than other baby birds! Straining, panicking, flapping madly after being forcefully pushed from the nest: baby egret had none of that nonsense.

She’s my new role model.



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