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birds of a feather

I’ve got poultry on the brain. It is an unfortunate side effect of failing (succeeding for one day) to give up coffee cold turkey. What was I thinking?!? And, WTF does ‘cold turkey’ even mean? I don’t know!  My bird brain doesn’t want to hold onto a single idea long enough to find answers. Like a crow, I’m distracted by every shiny (or more truthfully, dog-hair covered) object in my field of vision.

I’ve been running around like a chicken with its head cut off, not knowing what to work on next. I’m eating like a bird (i.e. consuming close to my body weight in popcorn) as I try to understand website SEO. Maybe SEO will help me build a nest egg?

There is a nest of baby birds tweeting outside my window. I just deactivated my Twitter account(s) – yes, I didn’t even realize that I had more than one – because I don’t know how to make sense of the twitterverse.


The weird bird lady in Spirited Away. I know this is what I will look like as an old woman.

This makes me feel old – like technology has passed me by. I guess I’m becoming a tough old bird. That isn’t a bad thing. Being considered a chick never suited me. I felt like the ugly duckling most of time, anyway.

I didn’t chicken out of back bends this morning in yoga. Even though, once again, they made me teary. I try to let the emotion just roll off, like water on a duck’s back. It is working, kinda sorta. Meanwhile, my husband was proud as a peacock (not really – but he was pleased) of his pincha mayurasana.


From the time I chased a peacock around a graveyard in the English countryside. Good times.

I want to go paddle boarding – I feel free as a bird on the water, with the pelicans and gulls all around me. But it looks like another thunderstorm is rolling in.

It is lovely weather for ducks. And eating popcorn. Tweet that, yo.

giant rubber duckie kiss

From last year in LA. I heart duckies.


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  1. Christine
    July 21, 2015

    ugh . . . Technology. Makes me feel old too!! Glad I’m not the only one.


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