Bye, gogoshebogo. Hi, Three Natures

Bye, gogoshebogo. Hi, Three Natures

I’m officially changing the name of my gogoshebogo Etsy shop to Three Natures, or as it appears in the marketplace, ThreeNatures Etsy:

This change is long overdue! Indigo, the inspiration for gogoshebogo, died in 2015. I had not considered all the implications of naming a business after her. She was simply someone I loved, and I assumed I would have many more years with her. But cancer had other plans.

an artist and her dog

My Gogo Bear.

When Gogo was alive, explaining my strange business name was a fun way to engage in conversation – and honestly, kind of a litmus test. If you hate animals, it is fairly likely you won’t be drawn to anything I create. Even though most of what I make is not centered on animals. Anyway, after Indigo died, I found myself avoiding any mention of gogoshebogo. At first it was because I would cry at any mention of her. Then it just became habitual. Explaining how to spell and pronounce it would inevitably lead to questions that ended in stories of a dead dog. Not exactly enjoyable for anyone involved. I also started avoiding my website because it had gogoshebogo all over it!

down with perfectionism

All this seems very obvious. So why has it taken me so long? In a word: perfectionism. Grand plans for a website overhaul, an overhaul of my shop as I create more silver jewelry now that I have my torch set up, etc. etc. But these things take time. If I wait till everything is perfect, I’ll be struggling under the weight of the undone forever.

tarot card drawing strength

Perfectionism be damned. You have to start somewhere! Painting tarot cards has been a good lesson for me.

Instead, I’m starting the change, even though nothing is really ready. Facebook doesn’t want to let me change my gogoshebogo page name to Three Natures; the bots claim it is misleading. I don’t have new business cards. The torch it set up, but I’m hiding in the air-conditioned house instead of sweating it out in my garage workshop.


Drawing practice and progress. This card reminds me of Indigo, and the truth of the message. Trying to overpower a strong animal is a waste of energy when you could be gentle and get better results.

One of the reasons I chose the name gogoshebogo for my first Etsy shop was that I liked how open it was. I didn’t want to be stuck with something specific like Copper by Cindy that I would outgrow quickly. Three Natures has this same openness/vagueness without the emotional baggage. Gogoshebogo will live on in my heart and memories, but in order to move forward, the business name must change.

ThreeNatures Etsy – formerly gogoshebogo

ThreeNatures Etsy it is! I’m excited to see where this new name takes me.

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