Metal clay! I love pottery. I love metal. So is it any wonder that the first time I got to play with metal clay, I thought it was absolute magic? Not at all. But the next step, where I turned all mad scientist in my basement studio/laboratory and created my own brand – Cinter Metal Clay – well, that kind of surprised even me. But after much trial and error, I came up with a metal clay formula that I really love. I sell it on Etsy to other metal clay artists through my (brand new) shop named, appropriately enough, Cinter Metal Clay.


Cinter is easy to mix.

Tamas is the guna/nature related to my clay: heavy, inert. It is literally just a lump, waiting for some creative energy (rajas) to mold it into something meaningful.

All metal clay brands are variations of the same recipe: tiny particles of metal, non-toxic binding agent(s) and water. Metal clay can be rolled and shaped like any other type of clay, but after drying and kiln firing, only metal remains. The process of firing the metal together at temperatures hot enough to fuse the metal particles together without melting is called sintering.  [Cindy] + [sinter] = Cinter. (Apologies, I can be a terrible punster as well.)

There are quite a few different brands of metal clay available these days. Here’s what makes Cinter Metal Clay unique:

Artist to artist direct

I make and use the product myself. The phrase “handcrafted in small batches” actually applies here. Each purchase helps me become a non-starving artist.

Eco-friendly packaging

I use biodegradable plastic and recycled paper wherever possible. Excess plastic is the worst!

Cinter Metal Clay is the best value in metal clay

100 grams of clay powder yields about 120 grams of moist metal clay. Remember that when comparing prices. Plus, I offer bulk discounts to other metal clay artists and teachers – no membership or certification required.


Bronze Cinter Metal Clay examples.

Visit the Product Support page to download firing instructions and see how-to images.