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I’ve been working towards this point all day – taking care of errands, of business – all with the idea that I would spend a quiet hour writing. My thoughts were (for me) fairly organized and calm. I only got a little frazzled by the summer traffic I hadn’t anticipated. I made it out of the Laguna Beach craziness. Parked. Replied to a text. Went into Starbucks. Ordered. Pulled out my phone to pay…and nothing.

My phone is dead.

And CRASH goes my brain.


My metaphors are so far beyond mixed – I feel like a wreck, but really my thoughts are more like the branches of a tree. Nothing like a train.

Now, instead of being able to recall a single interesting thought (and I had thought there were multitudes!), all I can do is obsess. Am I going to have to buy a new phone? I don’t want to buy a new phone. This phone is almost brand new, a replacement for my defective old one. I need to take pictures for my shop. Why won’t that girl on the patio next to me stop talking on her phone? Why won’t my phone turn on?!? The battery is full. It worked 2 minutes ago. Maybe if I try it now it will work.

How about now.

Ok, NOW.


“Spring break doesn’t get fun until you’re 21.”


Click. Click.

“I’m just glad you never got on that craze. Oh my god, can I tell you something?”


“You totally should. It is scary but driving is really really fun.”

Click. Click. WHY WON’T YOU TURN ON?!?!

I hate being such a slave to technology. There is nothing I actually need the phone for in this instant. In this moment, it would actually be ideal to NOT have the phone to distract me as I write.

HA. Click. Nothing.

“BLEEERRCH! Hee, hee. At least I moved the phone away, sorry. I could have burped right into the phone. So that cute guy? It was like, I was totally flirting with you all day, and now you bring up that you have girlfriend?!”

Crash and burn. Some days are like that. Maybe I should give up and go meditate. Somewhere quiet. Just 15 minutes. I can recover. Oh, but I can’t set a damn timer – I use my phone for that too!

“I get a discount there, so we should meet….oh, my phone just died.”

Suddenly the world feels more fair. It also seems appropriate that the last photo I uploaded from my phone is of this custom order I made this morning.


Handstamped sterling silver heart with someone’s favorite 4-letter word.

Wish me luck. I’m off to meditate in the Apple store.


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