different names for the same thing

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different names for the same thing

Different names for the same thing. It seems like I just wrote a blog with that title.

Oh, yeah – because I did. But apparently it displeased the WordPress gods and was deleted by accident, before I even published it. And then the last published post managed to get deleted, too.  Yet here I am, trying again. As in what appears to be my most recent post, my head is once again clogged by words. So many words. So many half formed thoughts. Like mouthfuls of food that were scarfed down whole instead of chewed and assimilated, they are a tightness in my throat, making me feel uneasy.

And the weather. I just returned from a few days in my hometown, where the weather was unexpectedly wonderful. The first truly warm days (“It is going to be seventy-two degrees today!” The barista gasped in delight to everyone who walked in) are always thrilling after winter in the Northwest, but I live in Southern California now, where it is always warm and wonderful. Except since I got back from Spokane, it has been overcast and dreary. Chilly at 65 (as a kid I thought hitting 50 degrees meant it was time to break out the shorts!). Today there is honest to goodness rain. My world doesn’t make sense.

trees blue sky

I love trees. I don’t have to try to make sense of that at all.

But what really doesn’t make sense is the idea that it ever could make sense. The world is pretty incomprehensible, if we are honest with ourselves. Sure, we find ways to function, establishing routines to provide enough stability to deal with the day, to do what needs to be done. Only, for me, what needed to be done was to figure out how on earth to present my art to the world. I avoided it for a long time. But that became uncomfortable, too.

Gogoshebogo is just like the dog it was named for: easy going and happy. Fun loving. For me, that means lots of yoga and nature.


Sthira sukham asanam: strong & steady. bronze and sterling silver bracelet with tourmaline.

FYeahJewelry is a huge hit among its right people, but admittedly is not for everyone. Yet I felt compelled to bring them together here on this website, along with the lump of clay that forms their base (Cinter Metal Clay, my third Etsy shop). Three Natures. It made sense. Maybe? But I continued to feel uneasy. Like I had to keep FYeahJewelry secret from people who liked me as Gogoshebogo, for fear of offending them. I’d make jokes about my “split personality” but really, I just lacked confidence.  So – a month or more ago? – I wrote that blog. I spent a lot of time writing it and went into great detail about people who’ve helped me along the way, but now its gone. Its not coming back. So here’s the synopsis:

Everything I make is the same fucking thing.

It is all just an expression of what I love. Different names for the same thing. Seems I’ve been playing out humanity’s favorite pastime – dividing things into categories, applying arbitrary labels and then arguing over what’s what, when in reality, categories and labels are just distractions from what is real.

I make “te amo” necklaces. I make “I fucking love you!” key chains. There’s no Dr. Jekyll / Mr. Hyde thing going on in my psyche: I just make things I love, that people then share with the people they love.

I'm a fucking unicorn necklace handmade Fyeahjewelry etsy

Custom “I’m a fucking unicorn!” necklace. I hope the woman who got this for her birthday enjoys it even 10% as much as I loved making it.

I don’t always curse. But I will always argue that in a world with such mind-boggling variety, it is sad and disappointing to only use the same three words (live, laugh, love!) or to insist that others use the same words you do. Especially when you’re saying the same damn thing!

We are all the same – and – fuck conformity. Kumbaya.

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