distilled sunshine

distilled sunshine

I’m still pondering the conundrum of how to restructure my website. Three natures – body, mind, spirit. But also the three natures within myself – the peaceful one, the angsty one, and the observer. And my observer self doesn’t really see a conflict between the peaceful one and the angsty one anymore. But it is still an interesting group…here inside me.

Perhaps it is to keep balance – I’m still not sure. But somehow whenever I am strongly inspired to make something for my gogoshebogo shop, I end up making something with a similar message for FYeah.

A few weeks ago, I think in honor of her shala’s 10th anniversary, my yoga teacher gave us this quote (along with a whole list of blessings and wishes for us, her students):

When all your desires are distilled
You will cast just two votes:
To love more,  And be happy.

– Hafiz

Considering that elections in this country can feel like choosing between the lesser of two evils, and you only get one vote, I love the idea that you actually get TWO votes. Love more. Be happy. Or perhaps they are just two sides of the same coin. So I designed a bronze medallion, roughly modeled on ancient Greek voting tokens, with two sides.


Love more. Be happy. Sounds simple, and it is when things are going your way. But life doesn’t always give you circumstances that make you shout “I love this! I’m so happy!” Yet, you cast your vote anyway.

So, for balance or reinforcement or whatever, I finally made one of my favorite quotes from the movie Little Miss Sunshine.  After escaping the freaky child beauty pageant his sister is heart-set on winning, her older brother tells their uncle his insight:

do what you love


fuck the rest.


A different way of casting the same votes.

This wording suits my angsty side better. When things are really not as I would have chosen, it helps to just say fuck it, then do what I can anyway. Telling someone to be happy when times are tough is just not helpful. Not even a little bit. Even though it is true, it is not kind.

Both my creations are just some distilled sunshine from the chaos of our environment to help me focus my thoughts, my actions, my goals (three more natures!). Someday we’ll reach a consensus on what the three natures are. But not today apparently.


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  1. Barenakedinpublic
    September 2, 2015

    Love the movie. Love the quote. Love your perspective. Love this post. Thank you ♥️♥️♥️


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