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forever blue

I have a thing for blue. Turquoise blue, specifically, but I gravitate towards all shades of blue and green.

Red? Oh, hell no. Maroon? Occasionally. But only because people tell me it is a good color on me, and because I have some weird reservation about being myself all the time. Better to wear what other people like to see…? Huh?

How bizarre.

Since moving to California, I’ve been weirdly aware of the color of my car. I picked it out on purpose. I love it. But here, oddly, it feels out of place. Sometimes when I’m driving, or walking my dogs, I’ll count the number of white, gray and black cars that go by before one of color passes.

50-100. Then a navy or maroon one will make it in. Or a bright yellow bug, or a tiny red Smartcar. Then back to the monotony.


This picture doesn’t capture the scope of the blue vs. white/gray/black balance. But I was too lazy to cross the street to get the full picture.

I am not one to believe the advertising hype that a car somehow proclaims something deep about your identity. It is just that in a world with so, so, SO many choices, the level of conformity feels weird. Well, it feels weird when you are the one who doesn’t conform. When you’re part of the pack, it feels safe and reassuring to be surrounded by people who make the same choices as you…and you can tell, because of the cars they drive. Like, totally.


I guess the conformity just makes it feel like it is harder to discern anything about an individual, since the shells all look so much the same. There are plenty of differences. But you have to pay attention. Look. Listen. And most of the day we’re driving way too fast to do that.

I think my exhaustion is showing. I miss having a house, with a buffer zone from the neighbors. I miss quiet. Last night, after being asleep for about an hour, I awoke to the sound of my (possibly intoxicated) neighbor having a loud conversation on his patio, which isn’t anywhere near far enough away from my bedroom window. He kept repeating “I never, ever, ever, EVER” something, like a wind-up doll.

I never, ever, ever, EVER. No, I never, ever EVER EVER!!

There were times (when I had a house with a buffer zone) that I still got woken up by the neighbors, but they were rare, and involved exciting things like mental illness crises and robberies, not just general jackassedness.

I wish jackassedness was a word.

The house wish was supposed to help me segue into what I really wanted to share: my friend Candi’s turquoise house video. Like me, Candi has a thing for turquoise blue. Unlike me, she’s never fought it. She has embraced her blueness and it is a beautiful thing to behold. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her wear an outfit that doesn’t include at least a pale shade of blue. And her house:

Yay for souls who stay forever blue. I’m packing up my blue purse and putting my blue shirted self in my blue car right now.

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