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If given the choice between hanging out in the yard with a cool drink all day and being dragged along on a bunch of tedious errands that didn’t concern me at all, I’d choose to be left alone in the yard any day. But my freaks – my crazy mutts – don’t think the way I do. Efficiency be damned – they just want to keep me in their line of sight during this upheaval. The backseat of my car might be hot and crowded, but at least it is familiar.

The Golden Rule just doesn’t work with dogs, or with anyone really. I can’t believe we’ve based our whole moral system on such bad advice. The only thing that works is to treat others how they themselves want to be treated. And that takes a whole lot more imagination and care than just assuming that someone else will like what you like. For me, it can be like watching a crazy movie: I have consciously force myself to completely suspend disbelief. Really? THAT’S what you want? Well…ok. Let’s try it and see.

A rare selfie with Ash. She normally doesn't cooperate.

A rare selfie with Ash. She normally doesn’t cooperate.

I didn’t get nearly as much done today as I had hoped. But my freaks are sleeping peacefully at my feet in our new living room as I write, instead of anxiously circling round and round, searching for a safe place to land.¬†Once again – I can’t have everything. (What does “everything” even mean?) But I can have what’s most important.

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  1. Christine
    September 30, 2015

    It’s all we really need, right? Hope you are well. xooxoxo


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