fresh new blog

fresh new blog

Hello, bloglandia – long time no see!

I used to have a blog on my gogoshebogo website, but its purpose was never well defined. Originally, it was supposed to promote my jewelry and my Etsy shop, but I quickly found that I couldn’t write about what I was making without explaining why I was making it – which led to all kinds of posts about yoga, nature and everything else that I find more interesting than self-promotion. And then I’d try to correct course and blog about my class schedule, or shows, or cram in a bunch of SEO tags…then I’d lapse back into the transformational nature of handstands or chakras. It was a mess. I’m amazed anyone ever bothered to read it (but thank you to those of you who did!).

Three Natures is my new domain. The website itself is an umbrella for my three inter-related metal clay and handmade jewelry businesses. But this blog – this time, it is going to just be me from the very start.

I have a separate blog for FYeah Jewelry, where I occasionally try to please Google with some search terms.  But Three Natures is more about me and my overall world view than a particular product line. There are plenty of metal clay artist blogs for people interested in techniques – I’m just admitting I don’t have any interest in writing one, even thought that would be the “right” thing to do since I sell metal clay powders.  And while Etsy keeps telling me that the story behind my jewelry is important, writing entire blog posts about pendants honestly just bores me to tears. So my blog will just be a plain old web log of my thoughts and ideas.


A snail ascending an aloe spire. I think the snail might be my new spirit animal.

Today I’m thinking about an article that an insightful friend posted on FB, from The Atlantic, titled The Confidence Gap. Turns out its not just me – a lot of women suffer from “an acute lack of confidence.” For a couple of months now, I’ve been working on this website at a snail’s pace, feeling like it would never be ready. Um…ready for what? This is the internet. I can add or delete or change at any time. That “good school-girl” mentality has gotten its hooks in me once again. It tells me to wait, that I shouldn’t put myself out there until I’ve completed the never-ending list of tasks that will make my site feel perfect and complete. (According to the article, women wait to apply for a job until they feel they meet 100% of the criteria – while men will jump for it at the 50 or 60% mark.)

So today, I say f—* that noise. Here’s my new website and blog. It, like everything else, is a work in progress. I love it anyway.

*No promises, but I’ll try to keep the f-bombs on FYeah.

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