Disclaimer: this page contains profanity. Unedited profanity. No more f–k or f*ck. The words are spelled out. Turn away if you must.

The Story of how FYeah Jewelry was Born

What can I say? I was having a day.  To amuse myself, I made a pendant with a naughty word on it. I showed it to a friend, who laughed. I laughed. Then later than evening, my friend called. I think she had just gotten home from work.

“I WANT A BRACELET! And I want it to say Fuck This, Fuck That, Fuck You, Fucking Awesome…”

Just like that, FYeah Jewelry was born. I really thought I would make a bracelet or two and then go back to my “typical” jewelry (gogoshebogo). But FYeah is too much fun to make, and I have the best time bonding with customers over their custom curse requests.

thefucking original

The first FYeah custom bracelet. I believe it now holds about twice as many charms as when pictured here.

I love making custom orders, and while admittedly not for everyone,  f*ck jewelry can be surprisingly meaningful – I’ve been honored to make everything from wedding party jewelry to get-well-soon gifts.

The tagline on my FYeah business cards is “Jewelry for the Awesome as Fuck” – because that is exactly what it is. There is something so refreshingly honest about people who will just come out and say fuck, when fuck is what needs to be said. Or when they really need to tell someone how much they love them! FYeah is all about the fuck yeah aspect of cursing. Happy, joyful fucking excitement!

FYeah Jewelry has its own Etsy shop and blog. The FYeah blog lives on Blogger, apparently just to make things complicated. Actually, it is because I read somewhere that Blogger integrated better with Etsy. I now think that was a lie, but I gave it a try.

Now that I started and ended this description with Dr. Seuss-worthy rhymes, perhaps you can see why it is healthy for me to drop the occasional F-bomb.

If not, that’s fine too – just stick with gogoshebogo.

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