if she only knew

if she only knew

Ash was not happy with me today. I bought her a harness because she’s getting old and is constantly getting tangled up by her leash. I figured the harness would keep the leash up out from under her paws – that’s what it appears to do for the neighborhood pugs and puggles and poodles.

But Ash didn’t like this plan. She moved more nimbly than I have seen her move in months to avoid the harness. If she had that type of dexterity daily, I wouldn’t have bought the thing to begin with!


Even the driest scrubs have some amazing smells. At least if you are a connoisseur of such things.

Perhaps she feels there is a stigma attached to it. Like an elderly woman insisting she doesn’t need a walker, she thinks if she can sidestep the straps, she can stop the aging.

Obviously I’m anthropomorphizing my dear aging Ash pup. Or Ashley – only my mom still calls her that.


Good doggy day.

Ash is just a dog. She just wants to sniff the good sniffs. Sleep. Eat. Relive her youth by chasing the occasional stick.

Luckily, she is just a dog. If she only knew what I could have bought her.


I’m not sassy enough to have a dog this stylish.



  1. Teri Rider
    July 17, 2015

    I loved meeting Ash last night at our Author Salon. What a dear ol’ dog!
    Look forward to reading more dog blogs, and other such fun!

  2. Christine
    July 19, 2015

    Awww . . . Ash is so sweet. I love animals, but cannot have one. I don’t have the lifestyle or home that is best for pets . . . so I’m always falling in love with friend’s pets. thanks for sharing Ash in person and through your blog. xoxo


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