just two things

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just two things

Yesterday I wrote about my glaringly obvious epiphany that I need to stop multitasking. Just be in the moment. Just slow down and focus on one thing at a time.

Ha ha. Ha ha haha. What was I thinking?

That I was somebody else, obviously.

So now my intermediate goal is to only do two things at once. Just two things – and ideally things that don’t require the same senses to compete with each other. Listening to a podcast while writing: overwhelming. Listening to a podcast while wire-wrapping: focus enhancing.

I’m scaling back to duo-tasking.


I get so much more wire-wrapping done if I listen to a good podcast while I do it. Duo-tasking for the win.

Some progress this is – just two things instead of twenty. It’s actually quite revolutionary.


Eating tacos while watching the sunset is the right kind of duo-tasking.



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