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pile up

Well, a week or so into my “blogeverydamnday” experiment and I can definitely tell: my ideas get glommed up together like crazy if I don’t sort them out every damn day.

To anyone who might be reading this, I both apologize and thank you. I’m writing for me, but there is something about sharing the process that feels important. Making my crazy thoughts public is scary – but a manageable type of scary. I’m all about the baby steps, even though I don’t know what it is I’m crawling towards.

My last blog post took me three days to complete. It did not improve because of the extra time. It got muddled and confused. Today I have at least eight distinct ideas, but I don’t feel able to write about any of them. They have already caused a pile up on my freeway of thought.

So instead, I’ll write about the bracelet I finished today. It is a simple bracelet, just wire-wrapped crystal beads and a handmade clasp, but it feels special because I made it as a donation for a fundraiser for Nepal. My yoga shala has a relationship with a Buddhist monastery, and is using Chusang Rinpoche’s next visit as a way to celebrate the shala’s 10th anniversary and to raise money for families who are working to rebuild their homes after the devastating earthquake in April.


Piles of itsy bitsy crystals.

Talk about a pile up. I cannot even imagine the destruction. And the amount of effort – long, sustained effort – that is necessary to rebuild after such an event. Here in sunny California, it is so easy to not feel impacted by such things, which is why I’m so happy there is a way to help that is personal.


Sangha linked bracelet: 14kt gold and Swarovski crystal.

Originally, I was going to make the bracelet just in maroon and orange – the colors of the monks’ robes – but I added turquoise blue to represent Pacific Ashtanga. Eight blue crystals to symbolize the eight limbs of yoga, connected to the colors of the Buddhist monks by 14 karat gold. Sanghas linked.

I’ve met Chusang Rinpoche once…which undoubtably makes me a degree or two closer to the Dalai Lama than I will ever be to Kevin Bacon. This suits me just fine.

Symbolism aside, I’m kind of in love with these colors together. But with the symbolism, I’m truly captivated.

I’m also excited to discover that 14 karat yellow gold perfectly matches my bronze clay. Hello, new possibilities.

I’m also exhausted. So before I take this post on yet another detour, I’m calling it a day. Good night world.


Beautiful colors in the clouds tonight, too.

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