7th anniversary gift

The traditional 7th anniversary gift is copper. Luckily, there are plenty of unique copper options available.

It is easier to find items in copper than bronze (which is for the 8th anniversary), as copper it just more widely used. Brass is also very common, but bronze can be a little trickier to find. See my bronze anniversary gift if you’re in the market for bronze. But once you know what material is traditional after seven years, how do you decide what would make the perfect gift? Something meaningful but not extravagant, sweet or maybe sweet and funny …

Anniversary keychains for the win

Behold, the humble keychain. Not as personal as jewelry, yet more personal than almost any other little gift as almost all of us use our keys daily. Keychains are a great place to be reminded of your special relationship. An added bonus is that they are received equally well by people of all genders. I routinely get great feedback from both husbands and wives who have purchased my  anniversary keychains for their spouses. I have copper keychains available in two of my three Etsy shops. At ThreeNatures, you can order one or a set with a sweet message and your anniversary date:

7th anniversary gift best day ever

Have your date and message made into copper for your copper anniversary!

And at FYeahJewelry, the language is a little more controversial, shall we say – but after seven years, you should have a pretty good idea of whether it is an appropriate gift for your partner:


7th anniversary gift copper keychain … for those with the appropriate sense of humor!


Customization is always an option

I use copper metal clay to form my anniversary keychains. This enables me to imprint my handwriting onto metal, instead of relying on machine made stamps. The result is more variable, more personal and more fun, in my opinion at least. I also love how metal clay naturally ends up with an organic, pottery-type feel after it comes out of the kiln. The result is pure copper, but the texture and feel are totally unique to metal clay.


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