Ashtangi Key Chain

What do you give the yogi who has everything? How about something that gives a little back? This handmade copper Ashtangi key chain does just that.

ashtangi key chain

ashtangi : handmade copper keychain to benefit Yoga Gives Back

Ashtangi key chains: I created this design as a fundraiser for charity. Each key chain is unique as it is made of metal clay, which I kiln fire and then polish by hand. I love the seeming contradiction of this material. Copper metal clay is pure metal – yet it has the slight porousness and organic nature of pottery. The duality of it is somehow very yogic – at least to me, in my post-practice mindset!

I think key chains make a great gift because hey, we all have keys … and it is fun to personalize our belongings. And this particular key chain does double duty for the yoga practitioner, as it also benefits a wonderful organization that is doing great things in the world!

Small steps toward big goals

Yoga Gives Back is a non-profit that sponsors children and women in India to help improve their lives. I’m donating $5 from each ashtangi key chain sold to YGB. I also encourage you to check them out and donate directly if you are able. Poverty is such an overwhelming problem. It is easy to believe we can’t do anything, and just tune out. But it is also really gratifying to see how even small donations can make a huge difference on an individual level. If yoga has taught me anything, it is that despair and complaints do nothing but suck the life out of you. Any action, however small, is worthwhile, and will eventually add up to something amazing.

The Ashtangi key chains, and other designs that benefit Yoga Gives Back, are available in my ThreeNatures Etsy shop. (Pro tip: Etsy hates spaces, so leave them out whenever you are searching for a shop by name within their platform!)


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