My Awen pendant design is the result of a customer request. She had seen my work on Etsy, namely my om symbol pendant, and wanted something for her brother that represented truth. I did some research and found some options based on Celtic and other traditions. She selected the Awen, and I carved a mold of the symbol in order to make a copper pendant for her. I loved the result, and its meaning, so much that I added it to my shop permanently.

awen pendant copper silver

Awen pendant necklaces in fine silver and copper.

Awen symbol meanings

One of the reasons I love symbols so much is that, if they’ve existed long enough, they likely have multiple meanings. I see these multiple meanings as layers and depth, not contradiction. Yet a symbol offers a convenient shorthand. It is accurate to say the Awen represents truth. Yet it represents more than that.

In the time (4 years!) since I first created an Awen until now, the most prevalent explanation¬† (at least on the internet) of its meaning has changed. In 2014, most of what I found pointed to the Awen as a trinity symbol¬† – three lines, three dots. Some defined the three as mind, body, spirit. Others as earth, sky and sea. Today, I’m finding references to the lines as the energy of the universe: masculine on one side, feminine on the other, and balanced in the middle. Still others break it down as love, wisdom and truth, and more specifically, as inspiration for truth. This is the meaning my customer identified with.

“Without Awen, one cannot proclaim truth.” I pulled this quote from the interwebs. It is everywhere, but it feels like a koan to me. You have to have the truth to proclaim truth? Isn’t that circular reasoning? Yet – I love it. It points at the mystery of the trinity. Three things that appear separate but are actually one. You can’t have our world without earth, sky AND sea. Masculine AND feminine and the elusive “balance.” Love AND wisdom in order to attain truth. It isn’t a simple answer. But it is a beautifully simple design to represent such deep, poetic thoughts. Hence the Awen’s historical association with bards and poets.

Awen pendant on Etsy

My design is available in both copper and fine silver in my ThreeNatures Etsy shop. Thank you for stopping by!


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