Bronze Anniversary Gift

After eight years of marriage: what kind of unique gift can you give your special person, that they don’t already have? Flowers and dinners and all that are great, but what about something memorable and tangible? A bronze anniversary gift should have staying power, just like your marriage!

Well, tell them happy fucking anniversary on a handmade bronze keychain. That is sure to get their attention!

bronze anniversary gift

Happy fucking anniversary bronze keychain, handmade.

It is somewhat tongue in cheek (c’mon, eight years!?! or nineteen, as bronze is the official gift of year 19 as well).  But it is also fun, and meaningful, and thoughtful. I get so much positive feedback on this simple little gift item, available in my FYeahJewelry Etsy shop.

Customization is available

I use bronze metal clay, which is tiny particles of pure metal mixed with a non-toxic binder and water, to  make my keychains. After kiln-firing, only metal remains. I love how metal clay is pliable like regular clay. That enables me to transfer my handwriting into the clay. There are lots of stamped metal keychains and such available in brass, copper and silver. My pieces are different in that the lettering is actual handwriting, not a machine made font, the letters are raised, no indented, and the entire piece is thicker with a one of a kind, rustic pottery-esque feel. Metal clay is metal, but it shares an equal number of attributes with clay. Its variability is what I love!

I can add your wedding date, initials or other little something special to the back. Just select the customized option at checkout, and let me know what your anniversary date is!

Holy What?

This design was a custom request. It cracked me up so much, I had to add it to my regular stock. I’m sure many people can relate to its message.

holy fuck were still married

Bronze clay, pre-kiln. Click to see the finished design on Etsy.

I hope I’ve at least given you hope that there are unique gifts available, no matter how long you’ve been married! Make your anniversary one to remember.

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