Bronze om symbol pendant necklace, handmade by ThreeNatures

Bronze Om Symbol Pendant Necklace

I craft my om symbol pendants from bronze metal clay. Metal clay is this miraculous substance that lets you shape metal like putty in your hands. After kiln-firing, the binder burns away and the metal particles sinter together. It looks a bit rustic, a bit like pottery, but it is pure metal.

Om Symbol Meaning

I sometimes forget that the om symbol is not familiar to everyone. I guess I spend too much time doing yoga. The fact is, to the uninitiated, it really does look like the number three. A fancy number three with some extra embellishments, but a number three all the same. Seeing how my business name is Three Natures, I kind of like that interpretation. But alas, it is incomplete. There is more to it.

The short answer to what OM means is – uh, everything! But I understand that isn’t helpful. The symbol has layers of meaning. The different curves and shapes represent the waking state, the dream state and deep sleep (maybe these are the Three Natures I really should be exploring as the basis of my name!).

These three states of being form the base of the symbol. The fourth state, the absolute state, aka bliss, is the dot at the very top.

What lies in the way of reaching that blissful top state? The dash. It represents illusion, also known as maya.

There is more to say on this subject. But it will have to wait for another time. I am in need of some of that deep sleep state 🙂




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