My take on the graduation charm bracelet features the inspirational sayings I wish someone had told me when I graduated from college, and especially when I graduated from high school and was way too worried about what everyone else wanted.


Mixed metals and consistent messages.

Obviously, graduation advice abounds. And much of it is quite good. From Dr. Seuss to Steve Jobs, there are countless pearls of wisdom to be had. NPR even complied a list of the 300 Best Commencement Speeches.

But the graduation advice I wish I had received can’t be found there. So I used my kiln to make my own graduation charm bracelet.

While I make many, many variations on the theme, for me the centerpiece is fuck fear. Or perhaps fuck perfect. Fuck expectations. Fucking bring it on. Fucking Awesome.  Get excited about what interests YOU and fuck the rest. Don’t worry about what anyone else is doing.

Most graduation charm bracelets are, shall we say, more mainstream. But “follow your bliss” has become a bit vapid. Or at least I think it has. My “best fucking advice: charm bracelets are available from FYeahJewelry on Etsy. Each one is custom made and will feature its own set of wisdom.

Here’s a bit of wisdom from one of my favorite comedians, Amy Poehler. I’m sure she probably edited herself for Harvard. Seriously, people – put down your fucking phones!

amy poehler graduation advice


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