i am enough necklace – handmade from kiln-fired copper

I am enough necklace: click on the picture to view this piece in my ThreeNatures Etsy shop.

This design came about as a custom order request. I just made one originally, but decided to add it to my shop because the message resonated with me. It is hard to be happy if you feel like you’re lacking. Society will give you hundreds of ways to feel like you are not enough, but they are all lies. Enough with not being enough!¬†You are enough. I am enough.

I am enough necklace

Affirmation jewelry only works if the message fits the wearer’s personality, or challenge at the time. I actually think we need different mantras or affirmations at different times in our lives. I am enough feels applicable to so many of those times! Starting a new job, or school, or moving to a new place…all of these things can make us doubt ourselves. I am enough is a statement worth repeating – or wearing around your neck.

… yet I am not affiliated with famous authors

There is a popular author and speaker who includes the message ‘I am enough’ in her books. I used to post a link to her books, as I think they are great…but since her lawyers did not want her name associated with products sold by other artists, I am no longer doing that. I’m sure you can figure it out, though. Google is great for that!

Kiln-Fired Copper

The writing on this necklace is not a font, not a stamp set. It is my handwriting. Copper metal clay enables me to imprint my handwriting into metal the same way I would with pottery. After kiln-firing at high temps, the metal sinters together. The final piece is pure metal, but lightweight as there are still tiny air bubbles trapped inside. After hand-polishing, each piece is unique.

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