New driver keychain

There is one thing we all want new drivers to be, and that is to be safe! Especially when the new driver in question is your own kid, or a dear friend or relative. A new driver keychain is something they will see every time they get in their vehicle. That makes it a good kind of subliminal programming!

We each have our own unique way of getting this message across. Luckily, I have a kiln and absolutely love making custom orders out of copper and bronze. Seeing how one of my Etsy shops, FYeahJewelry, is dedicated to f-bombs, I have seen first-hand the variety of creative ways people come up with to remind new drivers to be safe! I think it was on SpongeBob Square Pants that I first heard curse words called “sentence enhancers.” I believe this to be true! “Be safe” sounds almost bland compared to “Be fucking safe!”

So many ways to say be REALLY safe

It is kind of surprising to realize just how many versions of new driver keychains I now have in my Etsy shop!

Moms are split about 50/50 on whether they prefer the unedited or edited versions. It again is split, among the edited fans, whether a dash or a heart is preferred. Aunts, uncles, and family friends choose the unedited styles more often.

new driver keychain with heart

new driver keychain with heart – be f<3king safe!

new driver keychain - be fucken safe!

new driver keychain – be fucken safe!


The angels are most popular with the aunties, it seems.

Be F-ing Safe with Angel Charm

Be F-ing Safe with Angel Charm

All of the variations on my Be F-ing Safe! keychains make me very happy to make, because it makes the dynamic between the new driver and the gift giver so obvious. There is lots of love and affection, a firm grip on reality, and also a sense of humor. FYEAH!

Customization is also available

Like I said, I have a kiln and I know how to use it. The beauty of my micro-biz is that I can make completely custom pieces, both front and back. From the simple and sweet, to something that only the giftee would understand, have it made your way.



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