snarky anniversary gifts

I’m not always snarky – but when I am, I go all in. To be honest, sometimes I hesitate to tell people about what I make. I never want to offend anyone. I prefer to fly under the radar with my snark and cussing. One of my favorite things to make is best categorized as snarky anniversary gifts.

Tradition can feel limiting

I believe in love. I’m not jaded about love – just about the Hallmark-y, sappy, stereotypical expressions of love that we are culturally trained and expected to like. For example, I love flowers. But red roses, that emblem of romantic love? Meh.

Traditional materials, non-traditional words

I love taking something traditional and giving it a little twist. Since I work in bronze and copper mostly, it seemed natural to offer my Happy Fucking Anniversary key chains as 8th and 7th anniversary gifts, respectively. Bronze is also the traditional gift for the 19th anniversary, but you don’t have to stick with tradition when it comes to materials, either.


7th anniversary gift copper key chain … for those with the appropriate sense of humor!

So, it appears, do many of you. And your spouses. Whether it is your 1st anniversary or your 30th – I can make you a custom gift for that! Pictured below is a custom request I received for a 19th anniversary. (In case you can’t read the wet clay, it says Holy Fuck! We’re still married!)


Bronze clay doesn’t look like bronze until after¬† kiln firing.

It is a shame that so many people link profanity with anger. Above all, I consider “fucking” to be a sentence enhancer – it is like an exclamation point to me. This gift does not work for everyone – but when it is right, it is SO right. My customers know immediately whether FYeahJewelry items are a good fit for their significant others.

Find a whole variety of copper and bronze anniversary key chains – as well as the option to get one that says exactly what you want it to say – at

If snarky anniversary gifts aren’t your style … no problem! Skip FYeah and visit Three Natures on Etsy for sweet gifts without the snark:¬†

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