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the stream

Lazy day. The stream of consciousness is a strange place. I awoke from a long nap feeling like something therapeutic had just taken place. Healing dreams of skiing on freshly groomed runs – gathering speed while heading, confusingly, uphill.

In theory, I’m awake now, but feel the inertia of rest more than the thrill of speeding towards an unseen destination. Pondering will transform to action soon, that much is clear.

But today, I’m reading more than writing, thinking more than creating. And I just read this article and want everyone else to read it too –

The Web We Have to Save

I’ve been feeling old school lately – like if I were to write about growing up in the 1980s and 90s, would it be classified as historical fiction? And what Hossein Derakhshan, the author of the above article you really need to read, puts words to so well is the way the internet has morphed from book based to television based. How instead of fresh ideas and thoughts on blogs and sites that you are exploring through related links of your own choosing, you are being fed The Stream of content the owners of social media sites want you to have. Don’t leave…here’s another cat video!!

I miss the self-directed, book-based web. I don’t want algorithms to decide what to read, watch, buy and listen to.

Do you?

Sweet dreams.

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