three natures, naturally

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three natures, naturally

When I moved my domain from to a couple of years ago, I had a clear idea of what I meant by three natures. At least in my head – I never managed to make it clear to anyone else. I have three Etsy shops, and I saw a correlation between the three aspects of nature as described by Hindu philosophy – the sattvic, the tamasic and the rajastic – with the happy, peaceful nature of my gogoshebogo jewelry, the dense dullness of Cinter Metal Clay, and the fiery attitude of FYeah.

But this isn’t a correlation that is natural or obvious to most people, and somehow it wasn’t natural for me to try to explain it.  I’m finally understanding why. I could make the metaphor work if I wanted to – but I just don’t. Sattva, tamas and rajas are an interesting way to explain our existence, but there is a definite moral overtone inherent in the definitions that I just can’t apply to my creations.

The three natures I’m actually interested in exploring – through my jewelry and my writing – are body, mind, and spirit. Yet I have shied away from this because it felt like religion already had a claim on the holy trinity in various forms, and I’m kind of anti-dogma. Entirely anti-dogma, actually. I’m pro-dog, maybe even pro-God as long as I don’t have to pretend God is a peeping Tom, sitting up there in the clouds, raining judgment down in the form of acid rain on the masses and financial fortune on the few. For a long time, I was way more comfortable calling myself an atheist than a believer.

But that’s not true anymore. I’m not a believer in any particular ideology, but in the archaic sense of ideology as the science of ideas, their origin and nature. Nature. I’m a believer in the power of nature and the natural world, which, whether we look up from our iPhones long enough to acknowledge it or not, we are a part of. Nature is beyond our understanding. Despite how advanced we consider ourselves to be, we still do not have provable, complete answers to the most basic questions. Why are we here? Who are we really? Why does anything happen the way it does?

waves, weeds, reeds.

waves, weeds, reeds.

We all have different strengths, and tend to view the world primarily through the lens of body, mind or spirit. Whichever one we are most comfortable with. And that’s great, up to a point. But if we stay in just one mode, we tend to think that everyone else sees the world that way too – and we are wrong. I grew up very much in my mind. Very intellectual. I read all the time, got good grades, so that was my comfort zone. I lived in a body but didn’t really feel it, other than to be embarrassed by how skinny and uncoordinated I was. And obviously I had a spirit, but didn’t give it much thought as I was too busy dismissing the (to my mind) irrational religious beliefs of those around me.

But yoga and art have given me different perspectives into myself and the world at large. Through my somatic/ kinesthetic and emotional/spiritual experiences, I know things that my mind could never grasp by itself.

We have three natures: body, mind, spirit. I’d like to explore them somehow. That’s all I know for today. The how will come later.


  1. Barenakedinpublic
    August 28, 2015

    i really love this Cindy. I feel as though we been on a parallel journey but for different reasons. Thank you for putting words in how I was feeling. Can’t wait to hear more. ❤️❤️

  2. Cindy
    August 29, 2015

    Thank you Christine <3. It has been so great connecting with you and seeing that parallelness (not a real word, but a real feeling).


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