no time for cameras

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no time for cameras

I bought a dry bag for my phone so I could take pictures from my paddle board. It is clear, so (in theory) you can operate the phone while it is sealed in the bag. I took it out for the first time earlier this week.  Almost immediately I realized that I don’t actually want to take pictures from my paddle board. I mean, part of me does (pictures or it didn’t happen!). But the smarter part of me doesn’t want to spend time and effort trying to capture an imperfect image of a perfect reality.  As those license plate frames the sporting goods store gives away for free attest, I’d rather be paddling.


Several sea birds, one sea lion, and half of me.

Earlier this week, we went on a whale-watching trip out of Dana Point. Another instance where photos cannot do justice to the beauty of the immense ocean and all the creatures that live within it, but I did take a few.


We Were Here!!

I have no idea what humpback whales are able to sense about the world above the water, but I felt annoyed for their sake by the guy in a pontoon boat who was flying a drone above their heads. Some people are willing to spend much more time and effort trying to capture an imperfect image than I am. I realize sometimes they succeed and walk away with that perfect image we all aspire towards. Maybe I’m just jealous, but it seems like drones (and maybe even selfie sticks) are cheating.

We were kind of laughing about the idea of a seagull (too small) or pelican taking down the drone (maybe I watched too many Ducktales as a kid) when – I am not making this up – the WHALE took out the drone. Score one for Team Wildlife. I am totally giving her credit for aiming her exhale at the flying robot and making it crash.

Too bad I didn’t get a picture.


I took this after the wet drone had been retrieved and relaunched. Victory was short-lived, but it deserves to be celebrated all the same.

No time for cameras

We’ll use our eyes instead

I see flashes of gold.

– Lyrics from Cameras by Matt and Kim


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  1. Mary R.
    August 2, 2015

    Love today’s pondering. It’s a frustrating topic for me too. There’s this cluster of activities like this, interrupting the moment to record it — that are compelling and often rewarding later, but take you away from the present.


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