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The last time I drank Red Bull was unintentionally, in a bar in Madrid. Rather than try to sleep for a couple of hours before my early departure, I figured I was just stay up all night and then sleep on the plane. That way, I wouldn’t be so jet-lagged when I landed.

You know what they say about the best laid plans. Innocent me didn’t know the drinks I was being served were mixed with Red Bull. I was beyond exhausted as I navigated public transportation to the airport, totally looking forward to zonking out. But as soon as I was on the plane, I realized – I was so caffeinated! I couldn’t sleep the entire flight.  I watched terrible movie after terrible movie like a bug-eyed zombie, and had horrible jet-lag for a week.

Today, despite the complete lack of Red Bull and one – only one! – cup of coffee, I feel like I’ve sprouted wiiings. I read yesterday about how some people consider backbends to be “yoga’s espresso shot” – but I was overly alert before I started my yoga practice this morning, so I don’t think my adrenals are to blame. I just got more amped up as I went. Most notably, once I was done with my practice and was lying down with my eyes closed, legs up the wall (a pose that is supposed to calm your nervous system), I let my mind wander. That’s putting it mildly. Released from focus, my mind took off racing. The interesting thing was that it felt like the baton had been passed – my body then relaxed, done with its leg of the journey, but the energy continues on. Mental.

Over the past week or so, I’ve felt a dramatic shift in my back. It feels like with a wave of my magic wand, all the imbalance and stress lodged in my muscles just disappeared. Of course, it has actually been months and months of slow progress, building strength through backbends, in order for this release to happen. But still. It is exciting. Now I just have to figure out how to channel this energy. My prana needs a project, and “blogeverydamnday” ain’t it.


Maybe I should go jump in the ocean.

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