Writing. The great Sufi poet Rumi had it all figured out: ” Let the beauty we love be what we do. ”

I love reading and writing, learning and communicating. Our place is a never ending shuffle of new library books and stacks of half-filled notebooks. Fortunately, most of the mess of writing is now contained in digital form. I can type for hours and leave no trace. Well, not quite. I scribble down notes on any available surface.

writing notes on scrap paper

And yet, it is hard to say “I’m a writer.” It isn’t about the title. And look at my atrocious handwriting. I should be a doctor! But…

I write. Truth is, I need to write.

I am writing a book.

It is incredibly challenging, but also rewarding. Writing is unpredictable. All I can do is put in the hours (so many hours!) and see where it takes me. I have no idea if anyone other than my husband and a few close friends will ever read it – and yet I write.

I am a writer. I’m done pretending to be anything other than myself.

My old website got hacked. I’m not going to resurrect my old blog, but I think it is time to start blogging again. You can follow along here if you like. The plan is just to share the things I read and think about.

These things include, in no particular order:

The Tao, milkweed, Shiva, algae, lateral gene transfer, the Enneagram, somatics, writing, editing, jewelry making, trauma release, how to make pupusas and ferment the yummy cabbage slaw that goes on top, the human immune system, and nervous system, and lymphatic system, solar radiation, how both lemon water and alkaline water could possibly alter someone’s health all that much, yoga, universal basic income, shoulder stability, dogs, why dog strollers are a thing, parasitic life forms, slime mold, monarch butterflies, dolphins, free will, tarot, meditation, how to create more than I destroy…

Making my ramblings public requires that I spend enough time on them to make them at least semi-coherent. It is a selfish enterprise – I’m much happier when I have a semi-coherent grasp on what it is I think, feel and do. My aim (despite what you might think after reading that last paragraph) is to seek clarity, ask good questions – and finish my book.