About Cindy Berg

Hi, I’m Cindy Berg.

My husband and I went on a hike in Laguna Canyon this morning. We moved to the side of the trail and waved when a police officer drove towards us. He rolled down the window, smiled at me, and said:

“You must be from Washington.”

I am from Washington. It has taken a few years, but I no longer feel freakishly out of place in Orange County, California. So, what about me exactly screams Pacific Northwest? My comfy shoes? Flat lips? Refusal to get my hair blown out?

No. It’s just my Gonzaga Bulldogs baseball cap. 

Gonzaga is not my alma mater – Eastern Washington University is. I just love dogs more than birds. Birds are great, but dogs are the best. My dog Ash was my greatest teacher. 

cindy berg in nature

Other things about me: I make jewelry, geek out on everything from how nutrient levels and water temps affect algae blooms (like the one in the above picture) to how our bodies – basically big bags of human and non-human cells – manage to operate as individual beings that in turn cooperate with each other. I am compulsively creative (collages, crocheting, coloring, etc.) and have a super sensitive b.s. detector hardwired into my nervous system.  I’ve been practicing yoga for maybe 15 years now and feel like I’m just starting to learn what it is all about. The Enneagram has helped me accept who I am, and for that I am grateful. Meditation was something I avoided like Velveeta until fairly recently, but now I’m hooked on the clarity it brings me. My wonderful husband gets credit for that – he’s an inspiring teacher and all-around amazing human. 

I write, I think, and I make things. Big deal, right? Don’t we all? Sharing is what makes all of my endeavors worthwhile, so thank you for visiting my little home on the internet. Three Natures is also the name of one of my Etsy shops, but here I plan to explore how three natures of being form our realities in endlessly fascinating ways, with maybe a few jewelry pieces here and there for good measure. 

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Cindy Berg

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