Enneagram Resources

There are an amazing number of Enneagram resources popping up all over the web. More isn’t always better, so here is my shortlist of the Enneagram resources I’ve found to be the most useful and enlightening. These resources include books, websites and podcasts.

enneagram resources
All the resources in the world are meaningless if you aren’t interested in figuring yourself out.


Ah, Enneagram books. I’ve read a couple dozen of them. I’ll spare you the details and just give you a few highlights:

Consider The Wisdom of the Enneagram your text book for Enneagram 101. A depth of insight on each type from a psychological perspective. Includes quizzes to help identify your type.

Looking for the abridged version? Try Enneagram Transformations. One page descriptions of each type, plus customized affirmations and releases.

The Spiritual Dimension of the Enneagram dives into Level 200 coursework. No quizzes, but reading about the early wounding of your type is likely to spark some recognition.

If you prefer your Enneagram with Jesus at the wheel, Suzanne Stabile and Ian Morgan Cron might be right up your alley. Since their examples are a few decades more recent, the language is a bit more modern and approachable in this book.


What I wish I could provide a link to is thoughtful, trusted people for you to discuss the Enneagram with. That’s really what helped my understanding take root, once I’d read a couple of books. Since that’s not an option, the next best thing is a good podcast where you can listen in on deep conversations.

The Art of Growth: Check out their panels where groups of each Enneagram type answer questions about how the world looks from their view. Highlight for me was their diversity panel.

That Sounds Fun: Search for “EnneaSummer” to find panels with each Enneagram type, plus interviews with Suzanne Stabile and other Enneagram teachers.

Typology: Ian Morgan Cron hosts this podcast. Interviews with authors, musicians, faith leaders, coaches and other professionals shows how applying the Enneagram has impacted individual lives.

Online Enneagram Resources

The Enneagram Institute: aka the Mother Ship of all things Enneagram. Sign up for their Enneagram Thought of the Day email to slowly start gaining some insight into your type.

Helen Palmer’s Enneagram site. Although not heavy on free content, she’s one of the first to make the Enneagram practical for use in business and daily life and has the domain name to prove it. Check out the short videos on each type: very illuminating!

Other Enneagram Resources

There are some fun Instagram and Facebook accounts you can follow if you’d like to simply gain exposure to the types. I’m not going to recommend any specific ones. Let’s just say I have concerns. Weaponizing people’s vulnerabilities for a laugh might be a good business strategy for a coach looking for clients. (I’m a 9w8, what can I say.) And stereotypes…well. We all know the downside of judging a book by its cover.

*The book links are Amazon affiliate links, because that’s the easiest way to code them and I am a lazy website creator, learning as she goes.